Nothing in Twos


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And, no, it’s not a statement on the current state of my love life. (Okay, it is, but that’s not what this blog is about.) It’s a statement on my knitting tastes. I can make hats and scarves and cowls galore. Even a sweater or two. But if you give me a project where I have to make two of something–gloves, armwarmers, socks–I just can’t. I hate having to make an entire other identical thing to what I just spent however long making.

That said, these may tempt me to give in and try again. Maybe. We’ll see. Then again, a lot of finishing is my other weakness. I once let a pair of armwarmers sit for 6 months because I couldn’t be bothered to sew on the 20 buttons they required. So these seem like a likely candidate for that, as well.

The only problem with working on my own designs is that it doesn’t give me a lot of time to knit other people’s! So we shall see. And since I was away for a week, I haven’t done too much work on my own, either. I asked a friend to take some photos of me in my first design, so maybe I will have something to show. I also ordered some yarn to knit up another one, so I will have a couple to show.

Yesterday I was knitting on the subway wearing my original prototype, and a teenage girl asked me if I had made the hat I was wearing. When I said yes, she excitedly told me how great it was. I wanted to say to her, but it’s actually really simple, you should see some of the other hats I’ve made. But then I told myself to shut up and accept the compliment. Heh.

In the meantime, though, here’s a photo of me (and my friend) in the hat I mentioned in my previous post that I made for the football match (project page here). I’ll have to get better photos of the hat, but it definitely did the job!

Hala Madrid!


Hold that thought


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I was going to post photos of my finished design, but I am not satisfied with the quality of said photos. It’s always a challenge finding someone to take the photos for you with your fancy camera. I used my tripod and the timer, but they are uninspired.

I also began a freelance position on Monday and am leaving for the UK on Saturday, so the write-up of the pattern will have to wait as well. What is this, a job, getting in the way of my knitting again?!

I just, two minutes ago, finished another project. I am not only a knitter, I am also a football supporter. A crazy one, at that. Because next week, I will be in Manchester cheering on my boys. I figure I will be freezing and bundled up, so no one will see me wearing my colors (or these?), so I adapted this hat for the occasion. It’s in Madrid colors and I rescued a crest that was glued (badly) onto a pair of shorts that came with the (fake) jersey I bought ages ago on eBay (from China) and sewed it on to the front. It’s adorable. Even if my mother said she thinks it’s too big. I can’t wait to get a photo and show you all!

It’s finished!


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Tonight I put the finishing touch (spoiler was featured in a previous post!) on the first thing I ever knit from my own mind, without a pattern. It’s a totally simple pattern, but it’s still my own. It’s slightly daunting how much work goes into these things. I still need to take photos and write up the pattern. Not to mention the work I have to do on the more complicated design I’m working on!
Well, baby steps!

Cabin living


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Just a little peek into what my life has been like this past week, with Hurricane Sandy coming through. Very much cabin living, and these things have kept the cabin fever at bay. And my handy sonic screwdriver, which did not turn the power back on for the brief three hours ours went out Monday night (I tried), but did provide a highly amusing flashlight! I actually went outside today! But I feel strangely fortunate to be unemployed right now and not have to attempt to get into Manhattan from Brooklyn. Much respect to everyone who is doing it. And to all those who were not as lucky as I was.

Hello again


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Oh, my poor abandoned knitting blog. How I have foresaken thee. Will you ever forgive me? I certainly hope so!

I’ve been out of work since June, and I’ve recently completed a few knitting projects. More excitingly, I’ve been inspired to try my hand at designing! I’m going to try and introduce them here, first, and hope to release a few free patterns before moving into charging territory. But being out of work, I could sure use some extra money…

I’ve been terrible about photographing my completed projects, so instead I will leave you with some photos of my trip to Europe this summer. I hope to see you back here often!

Antwerpen, Belgium




Brugges, Belgium


Bruxelles, Belgium


Paris, France


There are things I should be doing


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And there are things I should be spending my money on. Or, rather, saving my money for. But I just keep looking at yarn. And worse. Ordering it.

I used to buy yarn without any projects in mind, just because of the, “Oh look! Pretty!” phenomenon. But I actually have ideas for these things and know what I want to get them for. Do I need to get them all at the same time? No, of course not. (Well, to be fair, one of the brands is discontinued and I found a place that has it on clearance, including a colorway I couldn’t find in the US until I saw it there.) But do I want it anyway? Oh, hell yes.

I’ve already purchased, just because, and because the stock was running out:

The Fibre Company – Terra

In Beet:


And Medium Indigo (hopefully! It says it’s out of stock, but I think I bought the last ones. *crosses fingers*):

Medium Indigo

I want to buy these Knitpicks’ Andean Silk colors:

Hollyberry: Hollyberry

Sangria: Sangria

Cornflower: Cornflower

Hyacinth: Hyacinth

To knit these:

Daisy Stitch Hand Warmers

It doesn’t make it better that Knitpicks is so affordable.

And speaking of which, I am ruined for life. I discovered Malabrigo yarn. Malabrigo, Cinderella to Manos del Uruguay’s wicked stepsisters—softer, more colorways, more yardage, and cheaper. I have two skeins already in my knitting queue. But I also want these. Very badly.



Paysandu skeinPaysandu sample


Minas skeinMinas sample




Seriously, people. I need help. Is there yarn rehab??