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I was going to post photos of my finished design, but I am not satisfied with the quality of said photos. It’s always a challenge finding someone to take the photos for you with your fancy camera. I used my tripod and the timer, but they are uninspired.

I also began a freelance position on Monday and am leaving for the UK on Saturday, so the write-up of the pattern will have to wait as well. What is this, a job, getting in the way of my knitting again?!

I just, two minutes ago, finished another project. I am not only a knitter, I am also a football supporter. A crazy one, at that. Because next week, I will be in Manchester cheering on my boys. I figure I will be freezing and bundled up, so no one will see me wearing my colors (or these?), so I adapted this hat for the occasion. It’s in Madrid colors and I rescued a crest that was glued (badly) onto a pair of shorts that came with the (fake) jersey I bought ages ago on eBay (from China) and sewed it on to the front. It’s adorable. Even if my mother said she thinks it’s too big. I can’t wait to get a photo and show you all!