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And, no, it’s not a statement on the current state of my love life. (Okay, it is, but that’s not what this blog is about.) It’s a statement on my knitting tastes. I can make hats and scarves and cowls galore. Even a sweater or two. But if you give me a project where I have to make two of something–gloves, armwarmers, socks–I just can’t. I hate having to make an entire other identical thing to what I just spent however long making.

That said, these may tempt me to give in and try again. Maybe. We’ll see. Then again, a lot of finishing is my other weakness. I once let a pair of armwarmers sit for 6 months because I couldn’t be bothered to sew on the 20 buttons they required. So these seem like a likely candidate for that, as well.

The only problem with working on my own designs is that it doesn’t give me a lot of time to knit other people’s! So we shall see. And since I was away for a week, I haven’t done too much work on my own, either. I asked a friend to take some photos of me in my first design, so maybe I will have something to show. I also ordered some yarn to knit up another one, so I will have a couple to show.

Yesterday I was knitting on the subway wearing my original prototype, and a teenage girl asked me if I had made the hat I was wearing. When I said yes, she excitedly told me how great it was. I wanted to say to her, but it’s actually really simple, you should see some of the other hats I’ve made. But then I told myself to shut up and accept the compliment. Heh.

In the meantime, though, here’s a photo of me (and my friend) in the hat I mentioned in my previous post that I made for the football match (project page here). I’ll have to get better photos of the hat, but it definitely did the job!

Hala Madrid!